• Photography Workshop - Mastering Exposure and using Filters

    Although modern cameras are incredibly good and can manage most situations when out in the field, they can still let us down from time to time. The dynamic range (or brightness range your camera can record) of the best modern digital SLR cameras is about 14/15 stops of light and if our composition goes beyond that, then we have to think about using filters to control the light. Also of equal importance is understanding your histogram after making your photograph. If you get things wrong at this stage there is little you can do later and your camera file maybe useless.

    It is not uncommon to make a make a great composition, only to find that when we preview the image on the back of our cameras we see areas of the image flashing which is most commonly bright areas in the sky. This is when we need to use filters to calm down that particular area of the scene and cut out some of that bright light and the particular filter needed in this case is a graduated neutral density filter.

    Filters can be used in many circumstances such as lengthening exposure time, cutting out reflections and helping saturate colours in the scene. On this one day photography workshop we will have spare sets of filters for you to try and we will show you when they will be needed and how to use them correctly to get perfect exposures every time. We will also show you how effective filters can be in creating artistic effects such as smoothing out water and getting streaking clouds in your skies.

    You will receive plenty of hands on one to one tuition from our leaders on this one day photography workshop. They have been photographing and using filters many years. The day will conclude with an image review where you will share the images you have taken and we will offer further tips on how to refine what you have learned on the day.

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    Non-residential 1 day workshop
    DateWed 26th Sep 2018
    LocationLake District
    VenueCrow Park Hotel, Keswick
    LeaderAndy Phillips

    No longer available


    The price includes extensive tuition and all transportation during the workshop.


    Camera and travel insurance as well as travel to and from the venue are also not included.

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