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    We are pleased to be working closely with Epson. Epson printers are regarded by most enthusiasts and professionals as the best inkjet printers available as well as making superb scanners for film photographers. In this age of digital photography the final stage in any photographic journey is the production of a good quality photograph that does justice to all your hard work with your camera.

    We at aspect2i have not yet found a printer manufacturer that does this as well as the Epson range of printers. That is why we use Epson printers on many of of our workshops to produce prints of our clients' images. Paul Gallagher of aspect2i said, "I would never compromise the quality of my final print. That is the reason I use Epson printers."

    Epson Print Academy

    The Epson Print Academy in association with aspect2i brings you the opportunity to learn from some top level photographers and highly expert Epson staff. Covering the photographic process from capture to print, the Epson Print Academy will bring you the skills to make the most of your Epson printers, media and inks.


    MonogramAsia is an exciting new company based in Singapore and is partnering with aspect2i to offer a selection of workshops and tours in Asia.

    MonogramAsia is working with top level photographers such as Michael Kenna, Kenro Izu, Brendan Ose and many others including our own Paul Gallagher and Michael Pilkington to offer workshops, tours, seminars and photography events worldwide.

    Lee Filters

    Filters are an essential part of the landscape photographer's tool kit. Managing the range of exposures or reflections that many scenes present is an ever present challenge.

    aspect2i is pleased to be working with Lee Filters to demonstrate why LEE Filters has established a worldwide reputation for quality that is second to none.

    'Every filter that leaves the factory has been handmade and inspected by one of our highly skilled staff, who ensure it will meet our exacting standards. This rigorous process and attention to detail at every level means that LEE Filters has, since its inception in 1978, been assured of its position as the benchmark in camera filters and its status is backed up by the many photographers worldwide who continue to recommend its products for both film and digital photography'.

    Lee Filters equipment is available to try on many of our photography workshops.

    CameraCal was founded by Anthony Sinfield who has spent the last three decades involved in the photographic industry including many years in the retail market and almost as many in the area of photographic training. Such is the depth of his technical knowledge and expertise that he is often the only person in the country providing training on specific brands and subjects.

    After many years of trialing various camera and lens calibration products and processes his skill is now recognised by the industry leading software manufacturer used for camera calibration who now uses Anthony as a valued beta tester before upgrades are released onto the market. Attention to detail and depth of knowledge of photographic equipment has enabled him to provide a camera and lens calibration service without compromise. He offers local (Sussex, Surrey, Middlesex, Essex) and for those further afield a highly secure FedEx courier service. Within his service range CameraCal also offers sensor cleans, lens optimisations, firmware upgrades and camera configurations.

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