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We are pleased to be working closely with Epson. Epson printers are regarded by most enthusiasts and professionals as the best inkjet printers available as well as making superb scanners for film photographers. In this age of digital photography the final stage in any photographic journey is the production of a good quality photograph that does justice to all your hard work with your camera.

We at aspect2i have not yet found a printer manufacturer that does this as well as the Epson range of printers. That is why we use Epson printers on many of of our workshops to produce prints of our clients' images. Paul Gallagher of aspect2i said, "I would never compromise the quality of my final print. That is the reason I use Epson printers."

Epson Print Academy

The Epson Print Academy in association with aspect2i brings you the opportunity to learn from some top level photographers and highly expert Epson staff. Covering the photographic process from capture to print, the Epson Print Academy will bring you the skills to make the most of your Epson printers, media and inks.


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