• Epson Print Academy - Successful Prints Every Time

    How often do you make a print to be a little disappointed with it. Getting good predictable results every time is not difficult. An understanding of the realm of colour management, how to prepare your images for printing and what settings to use for your printer is required. This workshop will teach you exactly what to do so that every time you print will be a success.

    During the course of this one day workshop, you will cover the following topics:

    This is a comprehensive introduction to successful digital printing and colour management. You will come away with the knowledge and confidence to make successful prints every time. Whether you use your own printer (both Epson and Canon or send out your printing to a third party, this workshop is for you.

    For more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or call us on 0345 505 1455.

    Non-residential 1 day workshop
    DateThu 24th Jan 2019
    LocationHemel Hempstead
    VenueEpson UK Headquarters
    LeaderAdrian Beasley

    No longer available

    DateFri 22nd Mar 2019
    LocationNear Horsham
    VenueCameraCal Offices
    LeaderMichael Pilkington

    No longer available

    Our prices include all tuition during the workshop, a buffet lunch, tea and coffee service and course notes.

    When booking you can pay by the following:
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