• Photography Workshop - Limestone Pavements - Better Composition

    This one day photography workshop will concentrate on one very unique and beautiful feature which is plentiful in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, its limestone pavements. This fascinating feature is rarer than people think and makes for incredibly interesting photographs. One thing is for sure, there is plenty of it where we run this workshop!

    Limestone pavements were created in Yorkshire during the last Ice Age when glaciers scraped away all layers above leaving behind a pristine horizontal bed of white limestone. This limestone is then subjected to thousands of years of erosion by rainwater that gradually creates cracks called 'grykes', and eventually large blocks called 'clints' .

    This area is packed with countless photographic opportunities and the surrounding landscape high on the moorland makes for some of the best landscape photography the UK has to offer. As the light changes the surrounding dales are often lit by passing clouds and the views are second to none. This workshop will concentrate on how to make the most of this natural phenomenon exploring its shapes and patterns up close and also exploring the wide-angle view making photographs that express the magic of the Yorkshire Dales.

    At the core of this workshop is mastering composition and simplifying the landscape. Learning to distil the scene will be high on the agenda helping you learn the skills of making order from chaos and this technique can then be applied to any type of landscape you may visit with your camera in the future.

    You will receive plenty of hands on one to one tuition from our leaders who have been photographing this area for many years. The day will conclude with an image review where you will share the images you have taken and we will offer further tips on how to refine what you have learned on the day.

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    Non-residential 1 day workshop
    DateMon 20th May 2019
    LocationYorkshire Dales - Malham
    LeaderAndy Phillips

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    The price includes extensive tuition and all transportation during the workshop.


    Camera and travel insurance as well as travel to and from the venue are also not included.

    Photo Credit: aspect2i client David Ringel

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