• Photography Workshop - Learn Infra Red Photography

    Digital Infrared photography has made a striking comeback over the last few years and it is a fascinating field of photography. Although post-processing software can 'mimic' infrared, there is really nothing that comes close to capturing 'real' infrared light with a camera that has been specifically converted to capture infrared light. Using Infrared cameras that have been expertly converted by Advanced Camera Services we take you into this magical world that is not as weather dependent as people are often led to believe. It is commonly thought that the only time to be out there making infrared photographs is on days where the leaves on the trees are green and the skies are blue with white fluffy clouds. Nothing could be further from the truth. Infrared light is around us all the time and you can make infrared photographs in virtually all conditions with astounding results.

    This workshop has been specifically designed as an introduction to digital infrared photography and we will work with you to get some amazing results regardless of the weather. You will gain an understanding of visualising specifically for infrared images in addition learning how to use the cameras light meter and histogram to get the very best files ready for post processing. An integral part of this workshop is going through every stage of post processing your raw infrared camera file so that when you head home you will have a full understanding of all factors of infrared landscape photography and have exhibition quality images that are complete and ready to print.

    We have chosen the Lake District National Park for this workshop as it offers perfect locations to test and practice these techniques from valleys, woodland to the lakeside. Lastly,if you do not have a camera converted for infrared then this is not a problem as we have both Nikon and Canon converted cameras that we can lend you during the workshop.

    For more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or call us on 0345 505 1455.

    Non-residential 2 day workshop
    DateTue 25th Sep - Wed 26th Sep 2018
    LocationLake District
    VenueCrow Park Hotel, Keswick
    LeaderMichael Pilkington

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    You will need to arrange your own accommodation. Camera and travel insurance as well as travel to and from the venue are also not included.


    We have secured preferential rates at the Crow Park Hotel so call them directly on 017687 72208 to arrange any accommodation needs.

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