• Photography Workshop - Woodland Photography

    There is an abundance of photographic opportunities from open woodland compositions to finer details of the ground saplings and extensive carpets of moss and bracken. There are trees of all shapes and sizes. The aim of this workshop is to show you the tips and basic techniques for woodland photography which is often described by photographers as difficult. Understanding how to distill the scene down into simple compositions and also considering whether the photograph could work in black and white or colour will also be covered. We will ensure you are using the very best camera settings and work with you on a 1 to 1 basis to enable you to get the most from the day. If you have ever thought that your photographs of woodland have not been what you wanted them to be then this one day introduction to tackling woods photography is ideal for you. The day will conclude with an image review where you will share the images you have taken and your leader will offer further tips on how to refine what you have learned on the day.

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    Non-residential 1 day workshop
    DateFri 22nd Mar 2019
    LocationHigh Brede, Kent
    LeaderMichael Pilkington

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    DateWed 17th Apr 2019
    LocationLake District
    VenueCrow Park Hotel, Keswick
    LeaderPaul Gallagher

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    The price includes extensive tuition during the workshop.


    You will need to arrange your own accommodation. Camera and travel insurance as well as travel to and from the venue are also not included.

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