• Epson Print Academy - Photoshop for Photographers

    Although many photographers spend time enjoying taking pictures, it is often Photoshop that becomes the barrier to finishing that all important picture. During this workshop you will gain an understanding the key tools and methods in Photoshop that you will need as a photographer. In practice, there is only a small part of Photoshop that you need to know in order to successfully post process your images. During this workshop you will cover the following

    At the end of this workshop you will have a good knowledge of the tools and techniques available in Photoshop to you as a photographer so that you can efficiently and effectively post process.

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    Non-residential 1 day workshop
    DateTue 12th Sep 2017
    VenueCameraCal Offices
    LeaderMichael Pilkington

    No longer available

    Our prices include all tuition during the workshop, a buffet lunch, tea and coffee service and course notes.

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