• Photography Workshop - Yosemite National Park- Landscape Masterclass

    This workshop is designed to push your skills to the limit and it takes place in one of thew most iconic landscape locations in the world. We have designed this workshop with a small leader to client ratio of a maximum of four clients so that Paul and Michael can spend a maximum amount of time with each photographer and pass on their combined 40 years of knowledge of making landscape images. No stone will be left unturned and our aim is to cover every aspect of camera craft, composition and post processing also. If you want to learn from two of the best landscape photographers in the business who know this area well then this is the workshop that will change your photography.

    There are many locations that keen landscape photographers choose to go to in pursuit of their passion, but Yosemite National Park is perhaps the one place most commonly thought to be at the top of the 'Bucket List' and was made famous by the father of landscape photography, Ansel Adams. Located in California's Sierra Nevada Mountain range and covering 1,170 square miles, Yosemite National Park is without doubt an unbelievable location and we have designed this workshop so that you will not miss out on any of the plethora of places that offer breath-taking opportunities to make amazing landscape photographs.

    During our time here we will visit many of the classical locations such as Valley View, Glacier Point, Mirror Lake and Olmstead Point as well as exploring the meadows of the valley floor beneath the towering vertical cliffs of Cathedral Spires, Sentinel Rock and the mighty El Capitan, 3000ft above the valley floor were the Merced River follows its path. A trip to Yosemite would not be complete without experiencing the raw power of the waterfalls which cascade down from the High Sierra above and we will stand at the base of Bridal Veil Falls and Yosemite falls. In the quiet of the evening we will wander along the banks of Tenaya Creek and experience the sun setting on the massive face of Half Dome from Swinging Bridge.

    Our time in Yosemite National Park will not be confined to the valley alone. We will venture up the Tioga pass that rises to over 10,000ft to huge white granite domes with erratic boulders and ancient Jeffery Pines and views over to Tenaya Lake and the vast flats Tuolumne Meadows with its stands of pines and glacial lakes. We will of course be visiting Mariposa Grove and the Giant Sequoias and spend time absorbing the majestic beauty of these trees, many of which that are over 1500 years old.

    You will have Paul Gallagher and Michael Pilkington as your leaders. Paul and Michael are experienced professional landscape photographers. You will be spending plenty of time out with your camera where you will get plenty of 1 to 1 tuition from Paul and Michael that will include both technical aspects of digital landscape photography as well as gaining a good 'eye' for images along the way. During your workshop we will dedicate specific time to teaching post-processing skills to enable you to return home with exhibition quality images that are finished and ready to print.

    Spaces on our Yosemite trip will be limited to a maximum of four per leader which enables Paul and Michael to spend time with you to understand your photography and what you would like to learn whilst in these stunning surroundings. We are firm believer that we are there for you and spend our entire time on the workshop with you making great photographs.

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    Residential 8 day workshop
    DateMon 20th May - Mon 27th May 2019
    LocationYosemite National Park
    LeaderPaul Gallagher

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