Tom Peck

Tom Peck has been a photographer for 20 years specialising in landscape and portraiture. He lives in Epping and has photographed and exhibited images of Epping Forest extensively. Tom grew up in Yorkshire and returns regularly to the Moors Dales and Coastline to lead workshops in the beautiful landscapes of his home county. Over the past few years Tom has concentrated on landscape photography in California and the American South West, particularly Utah and Arizona: 'I'm fascinated by the iconography of the West, and I love the contrast of dramatic wide open spaces with the intimacy and abstraction possible in the famous slot canyons (both the better and lesser known ones): Truly awesome, in the non-cliche sense of the word!'

Tom writes for a number of photography magazines. He is a regular contributor to Black & White Photography, Amateur Photographer and His articles have also been published widely in Europe and Australia. His articles focus particularly on the emotional content of images, how they are produced and what effect they have on the viewer. He lectures on the history of Leica photography.

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