Paul Gallagher

Paul Gallagher has been dedicated to the pursuit of the fine black and white image for over twenty-five years.   He is recognized as one of the UK's top landscape photographers.

His main passion is the landscapes of Northern England and particularly the remote Scottish highlands and islands. He is a master large format photographer and printer and every image is hand crafted by Paul himself.  

He is a consummate photographic teacher and lecturer regularly commissioned to write and present articles about the physical and mental processes involved in creating the expressive photograph. As such, he is widely published in photographic journals and the press.  He is also an experienced photography workshop leader  and running his own workshops and also for Light & Land a UK photography tour company, before co-founding aspect2i.

Paul is the author of Aspects of Expression, an exploration of monochrome photography, published in 2008 and his new book Chords of Grey a fine art portfolio was published in 2010. 

Paul is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS). “Paul Gallagher’s photographs capture the grandeur of the landscape with the clarity that you find in the work of his favourite photographer, Ansel Adams” - David Clark, Amateur Photographer magazine.

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