Michael Pilkington
Michael Pilkington
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams has been in love with photography since his first Kodak Brownie 127 camera aged 12 which he still has and he’s been taking photographs ever since. In this series of interviews we ask our workshop leaders some questions to bring some insights to their photography.

Andrew’s work covers a range of subjects including flower photography, close up and macro subjects and panoramic images. He is passionate about abstract images where the subject is less important than the shapes and textures.

Starting with a firm belief that everyone has a ’creative eye’. Andrew gets a real buzz from encouraging his customers to discover their own individual view on the world of photography.

Are you involved in any long term photographic projects/studies?

I’m a bit between projects at the moment; just working up towards my ARPS but Iím struggling for inspiration. I went to the RPS Contemporary Groupís ’Getting Personal with Photography’ day with Martin Parr and John Darwell and came away with some small acorns of ideas. I’ve just been reviewing some High Dynamic Range software for Advanced Photographer magazine; Iím not really a fan of the hyper-realistic look but it’s got me thinking!

What subject matter most inspires you?

I’m a bit eclectic in my choice of subjects. I’m drawn to subjects ranging from nature through sport to engineering and industrial. I find it isn’t the subject matter itself which attracts me so much as I get drawn in to express some aspect of the subject that’s caught my imagination so many of my images tend to be abstract rather than subject specific.

What are the key elements that make a successful image?

For me it’s all about framing, what you decide to include and, more importantly, what you leave out.

What photography book/body of work inspired you the most?

It’s hard to choose just one but Michael Kennaís work always inspires me, I love his minimalist, almost Zen like approach and he’s a local (Widnes) lad.

What location or subject do you have on your list of to-dos in your life?

I don’t really have a list although I’d like to return to the South Island of New Zealand. Iíve been twice to visit relations but never with the time to do some serious photography. I’d also love to get to Japan in Winter, not to try to find Michael Kenna’s tripod holes, but to experience some of the same experience.

What aspects of photography do you like most?

Finding that new angle on a subject that’s caught my eye.

What is your top photography tip?

Don’t get so tied up with the technicalities that you forget to have fun! Keep your eyes open to possibilities, there’s always an image waiting to be made, no matter what the conditions.

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