Andy Phillips
Andy Phillips

The Lofoten Peninsula in Norway was researched over several trips by myself, Paul and Michael a few years back. It is a stunning archipelago of islands in north western Norway and are accessed either by bridge or tunnel. It has one main road running through it, the E10. This area has been, for years, popular with artists and their easels. This last decade has seen increasing interest by landscape photographers for very good reason.


Lofoten by Andy Phillips


Paul Gallagher and I were driving around the North of the islands on our research trip and all we had was a large map that didn’t offer much detail about the landscape and what to expect other than clearly detailing peninsula after peninsula of steep mountains rising from the sea.  

We came across many small gravelled, or ‘metalled roads’ and we explored as many as we had the time for.

On this occasion, we noticed the clouds were heading in our direction and we were keen to just make a photograph before they had passed. As we explored further along the gravel track it gradually petered out and there were wild large scrub bushes in front of us. We got out of the car, fought through the foliage to the edge of the open fjord and saw the wondrous sight shown in the image. I made a slightly long exposure to capture the essence of the cloud movement and used my polariser fully. Wow-what a moment and we were glad we have pushed on in our exploration off-road!