Photography Workshop Choices

Photography Workshop Choices

We have spent over a decade taking photographers with a passion for the outdoors to some of the most beautiful locations around the world. We have also been teaching photographers the all-important skills of image editing and post processing. These two halves of the photographic journey are intrinsically linked and equally important.


Our Workshops

All of our field workshops have been meticulously designed so that you get the very best from your time. We take you to beautiful places during the best seasons, and at the perfect time of day. Our leaders are professionals in their field with years of experience, and more importantly, excellent teachers and communicators, always on hand to help and guide you whenever needed. With this in mind, you can rest assured that on an aspect2i workshop you will not see amazing landscape and be ‘left to it’, you will return a more knowledgeable photographer with improved skills and excellent images.


The Places We Go

Over the years we have created an extensive range of workshops from which to choose. If you want to stay in UK you can have an adventure in the Highlands of Scotland from Perthshire to Applecross, or Sutherland to Assynt & Coigach. You may decide to come along on one of our workshops in the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, or Kent and the south coast of England. All of these landscapes offer plentiful photographic opportunities.

For photographers that live a busy life who find it tricky to commit to a week or more away, we also offer 1 and 2 day workshops which are an ideal opportunity to get out there and to challenge yourself to a specific new skill such as exploring infrared photography,  photographing woodland or explore using the tilt and shift lens.

For the photographer that wants to see more of the world, you can come along to some of the stunning places we travel to each year. You may want to walk on the frozen Abraham Lake in the Canadian Rockies in the winter, or stand on the edge of the fjords of Senja and Lofoten. Maybe photographing the jagged spires of the Italian Dolomites will inspire? Walking the paths of Yellow Mountain in China has to be seen to be believed, and the snow covered fields of Hokkaido in Japan are a sight to behold. There are too many to mention here, but all offer something unique and have been visited many times by your leader who has an in depth knowledge of the location.


Where we stay

We believe that when you travel with us, you want to enjoy your time and have fun with like-minded photographers, but we also understand that you want your own space to relax after an exciting day out. For that reason, we do not stay in rented cottages or bunk houses and we do not share kitchens and other facilities, but we use comfortable hotels where we can gather round in the evening and share our experiences from the day and where you will have your own room to retire to. Lastly, there are no hidden single room occupancy charges.


Our Groups

We pride ourselves in small groups. We believe that one leader with a large group is not at all conducive to learning. You will get plenty of 1 to 1 time with your leader as and when you need it.


Post Processing and Printing

Since the outset, aspect2i has been passionate about the finished image, and in particular, the print. For over a decade we have been nurturing photographers through this complex and fascinating world from the Raw camera file to the finished exhibition quality print. It is very exciting being out with our cameras, but that is only part of the journey, and as we all know, the camera cannot alone capture what you saw with your eyes. Our range of inspiring post processing and printing workshops will teach you how to get an exhibition quality print from your files. If you feel you do not like spending time in front of your computer, then these workshops could change that.


Learning From Home

Over the coming months it is clear that we will be spending more time at home during the darker seasons and this is a chance to do justice to our catalogues of images. As with all photographers we all have an extensive collection of images gathered during our travels that often languish on our hard drives that are never really brought back to life. We often hear photographers say, "I don't like sitting in front of my computer". Well we are convinced that you can learn to relish that time and see your images flourish.

It is very easy to skim through out collections, pick out the most prominent candidates, and leave the rest of the images filed away for many months, even years! We have been strong advocates for finishing the journey of photography by bringing to life to images that deserve to be shared.

In the summer months we released a series of online courses aimed at photographers bettering their skills at post process and image editing. These courses have been a huge success with many photographers improving their skills immeasurably and applying these newly found and improved techniques to many images they never thought they could improve.

Each online course specifically deals with a different subject from The Essentials of Photoshop, The Power of Adobe Camera Raw, The Lightroom Develop Module, to the more in depth Essentials of Image Interpretation, The essentials of Black and White Image Editing and The Essentials of Infrared Post Processing. With years of experience in teaching these subjects, Paul Gallagher and Michael Pilkington will cover the entire journey from the RAW camera file, to the beautifully finished image.

Some of the courses are one week long, whilst others span over two weeks but rest assured each course is supported with a series of recorded videos that deliver teaching in a succinct and 'to-the-point' way enabling you to learn quickly without lengthy dialogues. Each video addresses specific challenges and skills relating to that genre of photography and have been designed and recorded by two professional photographers with a combined 50 years of experience. You are in safe hands!

Lastly, you will have group discussions to share any concerns or individual challenges and the longer courses include invaluable 1 to 1 sessions with both Paul Gallagher and Michael Pilkington dedicated to processing and interpreting your own images.

Whether you are new to image processing or a seasoned practitioner, we have taught many from both categories that have completed these courses having embraced new approaches and ways of thinking.


Aspect2i was created to enable keen and passionate photographers to get the most out of their landscape photography and experience to world with your camera. Please take a look at our workshop and if you have any queries at all, we are here to talk these over with you.

Many thanks for visiting our website and we hope to see you soon with your camera.