Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial

Don't take our word for it, read some of the feedback we have received from people who have attended our photography workshops. In a recent survey of clients, everyone said they would recommend aspect2i to their friends and would attend another workshop.

Thank you both for a great workshop in the Highlands of Scotland, the first where the professional leaders are not taking their own images and dedicate their time to their customer/students. So rare to find, it seems that most are happy to take images themselves rather than dedicate ALL their time to the student/customer, while still charging the same price or higher and sometimes adding more 'students' to the workshop size. Thanks for your passion throughout. I shall certainly be back on more of YOUR WORKSHOPS and HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM. ASPECT2I first then use others if you wish or want later.


What a great workshop it was!!

DJ, Shropshire

I have to say that I can't speak highly enough about Paul's passion and enthusiasm for photography and for his patience while teaching us his techniques and ways of working. His tremendous sense of humour was infectious and allowed us all to quickly feel comfortable with his feedback on our work. In the field we always got as much one-on-one time with Paul as we wanted, and no matter how basic my questions , Paul was always happy to clear things up and leave me feeling that I was back on-track. I have come away with a very clear sense of having achieved all my goals and would heartily recommend this course to anyone who wants guidance in getting the best shots whilst on location.

JD, Yorkshire

Excellent. Trevor clearly has a lot of knowledge, and a very relaxed and confident way of presenting it. The opportunity to spend a whole day dedicated to learning something new, explanation suited to the audience, using plenty of examples to illustrate the different points being made is very useful as beginners can get a bit lost in too many technical details

MR, Brussels