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Greg Whitton

Greg is a forty-something landscape photographer with over 10 years experience and a number of awards for his work, none of which really matters for it is the quality of the work that drives him, far above anything a judge might have to say about it.

A good landscape photograph isn't just about that once in a blue moon epic light. For Greg it's about balance. Balance of composition. Balance of exposure. Balance of atmosphere. Balance of story. All four must work together in harmony in order to create the perfect photograph. He admits he's never quite achieved that balance. He's still searching, learning, improving and creating, to hopefully someday find it. This is something he brings to his tutoring of others in 1-2-1's and group workshops and something he will continue with for the rest of his life.

Greg specialises in mountain photography, principally in the UK, having grown up with mountains from an early age. He has continued to enjoy their spiritually healing properties for much of his adult life, climbing countless peaks for over 30 years.

Over the last 20 years he has led groups, both friends and clients, across some of the most hazardous terrain the UK has to offer, as well as abroad in Iceland and the Alps. He has also travelled extensively to places such as China, Vietnam, Namibia, India and across most of Western Europe, always ready with his camera in hand. In recent years he has run his own series of very successful landscape photography workshops, both alone and in conjunction with other established landscape photographers. He is a qualified emergency outdoor first aider and has undertaken training as a Mountain Leader. Only a recent unpreventable accident has temporarily halted progress towards completing his qualification.