Who is aspect2i?

Who is aspect2i?

Exploring the world of landscape photography

Without doubt there are many workshop providers out there offering trips to beautiful parts of the UK and around the world, so why choose aspect2i?

Aspect2i have been running photography workshops for over a decade now and we are proud of our track record of happy clients that come back year after year. The reason for this is that we are there for the photographers who travel with us. All too often we hear accounts of photographers that travel with a workshop group only to find that their leader is more interested in what they want from the trip than what his/her group may want to learn or experience.

We teach! It sounds simple but many photographers want to return home from a workshop having learned new skills, become better photographers and have the photographs to show for it. Our leaders do not stand over you every minute of the day, but they are always there, on hand to help and pass on their years of experience and expertise in landscape photography.

We feel that a workshop is something you have looked forward to and worked hard for so we want you to be a comfortable as possible. We do not hire bunkhouses or houses with shared facilities as we believe that after an exciting day out in the field, you want your own space and comfort so carefully chosen hotels is all part of your experience when travelling with us.

Lastly, we like to have fun and for all the group to enjoy their time with us. Our workshops are not endurance tests, they are experiences with you and your camera that we want you to remember for many years to come.