The Essentials of Photoshop

The use of Photoshop is often regarded as the tool of the professional and too complicated and unwieldly for many photographers to consider. This is understandable with so many image editing software platforms out there on offer, some are even free!

The aim of this short workshop is to eliminate all but the essential functionality of Photoshop and cherry-pick the essential tools needed for a simple but incredibly useful workflow. We fully embrace the use of Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, but alone they are deficient in some highly useful methods that, even to this day, are only available in Photoshop itself.

We are by no means intending to explore the highly technical approaches often seen on You Tube videos from around the world, but enlighten you to the wonderfully complimentary tools that we use side by side with Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw to bring about subtle but powerful improvements to your finished photographs. 

We will set out very simple approaches to only the tools that we use that have become vital to the journey of the photograph from RAW to finished print. We will also make clear how and when these tools may be used and why they are of benefit you your workflow. You will be supplied with over twenty step by step instructional videos that you can apply to your own image to try the various tools out.

If after all these years of Photoshop, if you still view it as ‘over the top’ or unnecessary, then this workshop will teach you a intro essential set of tools and techniques that have been simplified over many years and many thousands of images.

This one-week interactive online course is tailored to help you wherever you live and has been carefully designed to make you more confident in understanding and using the basic tools of Photoshop. Using a combination of videos, online group sessions and teaching materials, we will be here to help you.

Topics covered in detail are;

·      Workspaces

·      Using Layers

·      Selection tools

·      Masking

·      Clone & Healing techniques

·      Transform Tools

·      Using Curves


You will be provided with a number of videos and other learning material to follow at your own pace and in your own time.  The amount of time that you need to dedicate to this will down to personal preference.

The course will commence with an hour long group online discussion where we will set out the plan for the coming week and provide you with the learning materials.  Mid-course we will hold an hour long online group session to talk about progress and any possible issues with using your new skills. We will also be on hand to show you live how to deal with these issues.  At the end of the workshop we will once again hold an hour long  online group meeting to see how everybody has progressed and to share any difficulties encountered.  These online video group sessions will commence at 7.00pm GMT.  Sessions will be recorded and shared with the group as additional reference material.

Online Course

DateSun 16th Aug - Fri 21st Aug 2020

LeaderMichael Pilkington

No longer available

DateMon 7th Dec - Fri 11th Dec 2020

TutorPaul Gallagher

and Michael Pilkington


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You will be provided with a series of videos, sample images and other teaching materials to follow. During the workshop there will be three one hour group sessions with the workshop leaders to discuss progress, problems and have demonstrations. All video sessions will be recorded and sent to you. Access to a closed online forum.


You will need a recent version of Photoshop CC. The purchase of a licence is not included. You will need to download and install the ZOOM video conferencing app - this should be free of charge to you.

The Essentials of Photoshop