Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a Danish archipelago of eighteen islands nestled between the Norwegian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and lies half way between Norway and Iceland.

This workshop is aimed at you experiencing and photographing some of the most stunning scenery these islands have to offer with steep sided mountains that rise out of the sea to almost 1000 meters, deep fjords that stretch for miles, huge cascading waterfalls, small rugged beaches with hundreds of tidal pools and the tallest cliffs in Europe, and small Faroese fishing villages with grass covered roofs that are found all over these islands. Every day out, and each location we go to is a new adventure and we will even make the drive into the heart of the mountains to the summit of Sornfelli that stands almost 2500 feet above the fjords below.

The islands we visit during this workshop are sure to be inspirational and you will be in the safe hands of professional landscape photographers Paul Gallagher and Michael Pilkington who have explored these areas extensively with thier own cameras. During this workshop we will explore the islands of Vagar, Streymoy, Eysturoy, Bordoy and the island farthest north, Vidoy, all of which offer unique experiences and breath taking views round every corner or through each of the tunnels which interconnect these islands.

You will be spending as much time as possible out with your camera and Paul will be on hand to offer you extensive 1 to 1 tuition that will include technical aspects of landscape photography as well making the best compositions of this amazing place. If time allows, during our time on the Faroe Islands Paul and Michael will dedicate time to reviewing your images and also helping you get the most from your camera files with post-processing tuition so that you can return home with exhibition quality images ready to print. We believe the Faroe Islands are a real landscape photographer's paradise!

As well as taking in the amazing views of from the fjord sides and over the clifftops, there will be plenty of opportunity to take your time and explore how you want the present the Faroe Islands in your worn work. We will visit the popular locations on the islands, but we will also encourage you to develop your own style by breaking the mould and trying different approaches. This in itself can be hugely exciting!

Spaces on our Faroes Islands trip will be limited to a maximum of six which enables Paul to spend time with you to understand your photography and what you would like to learn. We are firm believer that we are there for you and spend our entire time on the workshop with you making great photographs.


Residential 6 day workshop

DateFri 4th - Wed 9th Mar 2022

LocationFaroe Islands

HotelHotel Hafnia

LeaderPaul Gallagher

and Michael Pilkington


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The price Bed and Breakfast accommodation, transportation during the workshop, transfers to and from airport, all 1 to 1 tuition but does not include alcoholic drinks.


You are responsible for air travel to and from Vagar Airport, meals not listed, travel and camera insurance, other personal expenses such as bar bills.

Faroe Islands