Yellow Mountain - China

If you have ever thought of visiting China then there are not many places that can challenge the history and awesome beauty of the locations we visit during this special trip.

Day 1. Your tour will begin with Paul Gallagher, Michael Pilkington and our guide meeting you at Shanghai at midday. You will have the opportunity to photograph this amazing city and we will explore the 'Bund' which is the waterfront that hugs the west bank of the Huangpu River and boasts architecture in Baroque, Gothic, Romanesque, Chinese and Renaissance styles. No visit to Shanghai would be complete without photographing the city skyline at night! On this night we stay in Shanghai.

Day 2. On this day we leave the city lights behind and head for the world famous West Lake in Hangzhou. This beautiful freshwater lake has influenced poets and painters throughout Chinese history and is home to numerous temples, pagodas and ornate gardens with willow trees. On this night we stay in Hangzhou.

Day 3. We begin day three of our adventure by moving further towards Yellow Mountains and on route we visit two world famous ancient Chinese villages, Qiankou and Chengkan. These fascinating villages are an ancient complex of architecture dating back to the Ming (1368 -1644) and Qing (1644 -1911) dynasties. Both villages are an intricate maze of tiny streets and alleyways never too far from waterways with bridges beautiful gardens. This day will be an opportunity for you to immerse yourself into real Chinese ancient culture. This night we stay at Tangmo.

Day 4. We begin today with a short journey to Lingshan which is a Hui-style ancient village surrounded by vast bamboo groves in the immediate foothills of Yellow Mountains. Bamboo is an integral part of the villagers lives and bamboo crafts can be seen everywhere. After lunch we make our way to the base of Yellow Mountains and take the cable car up to our first hotel up on the mountain, The Beihai Hotel.

Days 5 to 8. Over the next four and a half days we will dedicate our time sole to photographing the staggeringly beautiful Huangshan or 'Yellow Mountain' area. This is an area of high sharp granite peaks jutting out of the mists famous for its hardy Huangshan Pines that grow precariously into cliffs edges over 1500 meters up. From here we will be taking our time and walking the well paved mountain paths to some of the most unimaginable mountain scenery anywhere in the world. Because our elevation the light and conditions change constantly. The clouds arrives move through creating amazing views of the mountains and trees. During the evenings light mists veil the peaks creating scenery that has influenced Chinese painters for centuries.

This mountain area and World Heritage Site covers 154 square kilometres and the best known mountains are Lotus Peak, Bright Summit Peak and Celestial Peak all of which reach just less than 2000 meters. We will explore the Grand Canyon and take the cable car above the mists to the summit viewpoints of Beginning-to-Believe Peak, Purple Cloud Peak and Tiandu Peak. During our time on the mountain we will be staying in four individual hotels on the tops which will enable us to explore the area extensively and be in the best vantage points at the right time of day.

Day 9. This will be our last morning on the mountain after which we will take the cable car down. In the afternoon we have an amazing opportunity to walk through, explore and photograph the Mukeng Bamboo Forest which is situated in a deep valley and covers an area of six square kilometres and was chosen as a film location for 'Crouching Tiger' and 'Hidden Dragon'. In the afternoon we head for the beautiful Huangshan City and specifically Tunxi Ancient Street which dates back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279). We will be staying in Huangshan City on this night.

Day 10. After breakfast we have one last treat and we take the world famous Bullet Train back to Shanghai where we begin our journeys home.

Our time on the mountain will involve walking up steep steps so a moderate level of mobility and fitness is required. We will not be walking long distances, but because of the terrain it will involve assents and descents though these are on well maintained steps and footpaths.

Residential 10 day workshop

DateSun 5th - Tue 14th Nov 2023


HotelVarious Hotels

LeaderPaul Gallagher

and Michael Pilkington



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The price includes extensive one to one tuition during the workshop, accommodation, dinner and breakfast. English speaking guide. No single occupancy supplement. Travel during the workshop including minibus, the Bullet Train, entrance fees to national parks and other tolls.


Travel to and from the location and personal bills such as bar bills, meals not listed. Travel and camera Insurance. Tips and gratuities.

Yellow Mountain - China