Ghosts in the Wilderness - Abandoned America

This exclusive and unique workshop has been inspired by Tony and Eva Worobiec's famous book' Ghosts in the Wilderness' which was released in 2003 to very high acclaim throughout the world. Paul and Tony have spent a lot of time travelling through America and have worked for some time to bring about this awe-inspiring workshop. These ghost towns and farming communities were created by a steady decline in population in the great American plains and with such a low population the lands became almost worthless so communities simply moved out. In this workshop, we go onto the plains and see places that are almost frozen in time.

The High Plains stretch from Texas in the south to the Canadian border in the north, and gets truly interesting when you travel to the states of Montana and North Dakota. To the east the farms are prosperous, while to the west the rugged Rocky Mountains form a natural barrier. This part of the High Plains is barren, sparsely populated and it is not uncommon to travel 50 miles before reaching a sizeable community.

It is a land littered with abandoned homesteads, grain elevators, churches and schools and classic American cars abandoned at the roadside often isolated within the unbelievably flat landscape. As you might imagine, these derelict structures offer unique photographic opportunities set against the big North American sky. aspect2i has chosen to travel during the month of May, as this is when we are most likely to encounter the weather at its most interesting when the super-cell storms build in the huge open skies making photographing this place a truly amazing experience.

Whilst Havre is a functioning town with all the modern conveniences, it is surrounded by a multitude of truly iconic abandoned communities, rich in history and detail; we will be spending two nights here.  Located on Highway 2, this gives us the opportunity to travel either east or west. Travelling west towards Shelby, we will encounter a wonderful collection of deserted or semi-deserted communities which offer a multitude of opportunities for original photography. In the evening, the area directly north of Havre also offers some fabulous photographic opportunities. 

Whilst the majority of our time will be spent in the wonderful state of Montana, we will slip over the border into North Dakota, which is another area featuring elements of abandonment. It is also a region famed for its ponds and small lakes, which are a breeding ground for an impressive array of birds. Our main focus however will be the back-roads, scouring the landscape for abandoned homesteads, schools and churches; occasionally we will be able to enter some of these properties. Weathered and bleached under the unremitting cycle of hot summers and harsh winters, these hauntingly beautiful places stand isolated against the backdrop of the open plains. This is an area often referred to as "big sky country", a phrase which aptly describes how expansive and flat this region can be. It is an area plagued by storms and the occasional tornado, which over a period of years take their inevitable toll on these fragile structures. As you can imagine, the opportunities for photography are immense".

As with all our workshops, we at aspect2i do not believe in large groups so this workshop is limited to eight participants with both Paul and Tony to enable dedicated 1 to 1 tuition time.

Residential 10 day workshop

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DateFri 8th - Sun 17th May 2020

LocationNorth and Central USA

HotelVarious Hotels

LeaderPaul Gallagher

and Tony Worobiec



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DateSat 8th - Mon 17th May 2021

LocationNorth and Central USA

HotelVarious Hotels

LeaderPaul Gallagher

and Michael Pilkington



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The price includes extensive one to one tuition with Tony and Paul during the workshop, accommodation on bed and breakfast basis and travel during the workshop including transfers to and from the airport in Billings, Montana. No single occupancy supplement.


Travel to and from Billings, personal bills such as bar bills, meals not listed. Travel and camera Insurance.

Ghosts in the Wilderness - Abandoned America