Long Exposure Masterclass

To achieve mastery of these techniques you must learn how to fully control your exposure to ensure details in the shadows and highlights are not lost. To help with this, you will learn how to control your camera in Manual and Bulb modes, use your histogram to manage exposure with confidence and, importantly, use Graduated Neutral Density filters to control the dynamic range of the scene in-camera, saving time in post processing later. You will also learn to select and use Neutral Density filters to control exposure times to realise the creative vision you have for the scene you are capturing.

You will also learn techniques to introduce a more minimalist approach so that your subjects can stand alone in the scene and yet your images still have real impact. You will gain the confidence to break compositional and other photographic rules to simplify a scene, add a unique interpretation of your subject, and obtain images of high artistic merit even when conditions may not be ideal.

Achieving a balanced, well exposed image in camera is only part of the story and so Phil will be leading an in-depth image editing and printing session culminating in you taking home your own printed masterpiece. Long exposure images, particularly minimalist images, require a particular attention to detail during processing. For example, ensuring even and balanced tones, how and when to use colour controls to bring out the best in black and white images, minimizing the introduction of artifacts during global changes, and maintaining the quality of the image when making local adjustments can be critical.  Also, using some of these techniques to introduce some drama can be key to a successful minimalist long exposure image.

This is a masterclass and, for this reason, the group will be limited to four photographers only so Phil can dedicate plenty of one to one time with you. If you want to benefit from his years of experience making long exposure images, learn to avoid common pitfalls, and get the best out of your RAW files, then this workshop is for you.

Non-residential 3 day workshop

DateTue 12th - Thu 14th Oct 2021


VenueBest Western Princes Marine

LeaderPhil Newberry


3 places left


The price includes extensive one to one coaching and tuition, bed and breakfast accommodation (no single occupancy supplement) during the workshop.


Camera and travel insurance as well as travel to and from the venue are also not included. Meals not mentioned. Alcoholic drinks and other personal expenditure is not covered either.

Long Exposure Masterclass