The Intimate Landscape - Dorset

Travelling west from London, Dorset is the first area that features truly wild landscape, and particularly its much-famed Jurassic coast, which has recently been awarded "World Heritage Status". That area between Swanage in the east and Portland Bill in the west has some of the most iconic coastal features found anywhere in the UK. So what makes this workshop different from others based in the area?

Whilst we will be visiting some of the well-known locations such as Durdle Dor, Lulworth Cove, Portland Bill and Kimmeridge Bay, the emphasis will be to show you how these places can be photographed from a much more personal standpoint. Tony Worobiec, who helped create this workshop, has been a resident in Dorset for more than 34 years and has a unique knowledge of the area, so is able to take us to other places generally unknown to most photographers. There will be a special emphasis on using the prevailing weather; on this workshop we positively encourage the notion that there is no such thing as "bad" weather, therefore the itinerary will remain flexible.

We positively want to promote an approach to photography that is unique to you, which is why we will be encouraging you to embrace" the intimate landscape" The temptation is always to point the camera towards the horizon, but there is also merit in taking photographs which completely exclude the sky. If we develop this idea just a little further, we should be able to find worthy images down at our feet, or possibly in small nooks and crannies that are not normally considered rich pickings. Dorset has numerous forests and heath-land which are rich in photographic potential at any time of the year. These areas will also provide interesting locations, particularly during the day.

You will be encouraged to look carefully at seemingly inconsequential elements such as small clusters of flowers, formations of rocks, or marks in the sand, with the aim of discovering detail that can serve as a microcosm for the whole. By looking for exciting colour combinations, rich textures or patterns, you will be shown how these can provide the basis for personal photography. We will teach you that this kind of work helps to define you as a photographer. With conventional landscape photography, it is very easy to follow others who have photographed the same area in the past. While one never intentionally aims to plagiarize, it is hard to ignore a particular vantage point if you know somebody else has enjoyed success from the same location. The great thing about the intimate landscape is that it is personal, as only you will have noticed it, but in order to be successful much will depend on your powers of observation, your understanding of the visual elements and your imagination. Once you start to trust your own capacity to identify and develop a particular location, you can then begin to consider yourself a true "fine-art" landscape photographer; this workshop is a guide to achieving that.

Residential 5 day workshop

DateSun 23rd - Thu 27th Jan 2022

LocationDorset and Jurrassic Coast

HotelPremier Inn

LeaderPaul Gallagher

and Michael Pilkington


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The price includes extensive one to one coaching and tuition, bed and breakfast accommodation in a good quality hotel (no single occupancy supplement) during the workshop.


Camera and travel insurance as well as travel to and from the venue are also not included. Meals not mentioned. Alcoholic drinks and other personal expenditure is not covered either.

The Intimate Landscape - Dorset

Picture Credit: Tony Worobiec