Making the Perfect Colour Print

One of the greatest challenges for any passionate photographer out there is getting a print that matches your screen. Along with this, navigating the complex world of adjustments from your raw camera file to the printer can be very confusing, so we have designed this one day workshop to break down that journey into bite-sized pieces.

We often hear from photographers that are struggling with this complex environment who feel they are wasting time, ink and media to create the print they want. If your computer, programmes and printer are all set up properly, then these issues are often solved and you will have much greater level of confidence in your print output and also the quality of your prints will improve hugely.

The key to beautiful colour prints is consistency and understanding where, when and how much to use the vast array of controls at our disposal. These are some of the important topics we will go into detail during our time;


  • Understanding colour management
  • Getting a print to match your screen
  • Using the Histogram
  • Mastering global adjustments
  • Using the adjustment Brush / local adjustments
  • Using Tone Curves
  • Manging shadows and highlights
  • Accurate sharpening
  • Using the right paper profiles
  • Printer Menus


If you have ever, or still are, experiencing inconsistency, or simply want to get the very best prints from printer, then this workshop is ideal for you. Your tutor will be an expert in this field and will have spent many hours refining their approach and making fine art prints, so you will be in the very best hands during your day with all the advice you need and you will leave with extensive notes from which you can practice your newly acquired skills.

This workshop is still applicable to you even if you don’t own an Epson printer or send your files out for printing.

Non-residential 1 day workshop

DateTue 7th Sep 2021

LocationHemel Hempstead

VenueEpson UK Headquarters

LeaderMichael Pilkington


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Our prices all tuition during the workshop, a buffet lunch, tea and coffee service. Comprehensive notes and study aids and reference file will be provided.


Accommodation, meals not mentioned, travel to and from the event, insurance.

Making the Perfect Colour Print