Landscape Photography and the Tilt and Shift Lens

When we look into our camera bags, all too often we realise that we are carrying too many lenses and frequently there are one or two that seldom get used regularly. We at aspect2i have one particular lens that we would never leave the house without and that is a tilt and shift lens.

The tilt and shift lens essentially uses the same principals for digital landscape photography as large format film cameras used for decades. Many of us will have seen photographs of the masters of landscape photography with phenomenal sharpness and depth of field and wondered how the photographer managed to get the foreground grasses and the mountain ten miles away completely and perfectly sharp. The answer is a movement called tilt!

Without going deeply into the technicalities of this lens, applying tilt, which is one of the features of this lens, enables you to alter and accurately position the plane of focus resulting in critically sharp images from front to back. There are of course other features of this lens that can prevent converging verticals when photographing buildings and also you can create some fascinating 'toy town' effects by deliberately applying a very narrow depth of field.

Aspect2i have been the forerunners of teaching the use of this lens for quite a few years now and this one day photography workshop offers you the opportunity the explore this lens and its incredible features. You will receive plenty of hands on one to one tuition from your leaders who have been using this lens for many years. The day will conclude with an image review where you will share the images you have taken and we will offer further tips on how to refine what you have learned on the day.

If you want to make photographs that have the look of the masters of landscape photography then this workshop will prove to be a real eye-opener and ultimately a fascinating day out!

Non-residential 1 day workshop

DateWed 14th Apr 2021

LocationLake District


LeaderPaul Gallagher

No longer available


The price includes extensive one to one tuition during the workshop.


Travel to and from the location, accommodation and meals and drinks. Travel and camera Insurance.

Landscape Photography and the Tilt and Shift Lens