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Phil Newberry Landscape Photographer aspect2i

Phil Newberry

Phil Newberry is passionate about landscape and seascape photography working in both Colour and Black and White. He has enjoyed photography since his teens and has extensive experience in both film and digital formats. He is particularly known for his long exposures and infra-red work.

Phil has traveled to Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Norway, Spain and Italy specifically to make beautiful images from the stunning landscapes and architecture those countries have to offer. In the last couple of years, he has also diversified into portrait photography, especially studio work, and is currently thoroughly enjoying producing pet portraits.

Phil is an award winning photographer and is expert in post processing and printing using the Adobe suite of programs.

One of the many aspects of photography that Phil enjoys is the constant opportunity to learn, including learning from fellow photographers and students. He thinks this is one of the many aspects of the hobby, pastime, or profession that appeals to all ages, and he thoroughly enjoys contributing to that learning process.

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Phil Newberry Landscape Photographer aspect2i